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Artificial Grass Installation

An artificial grass installation is a great option for private and commercial properties.

They do not require constant maintenance like normal lawns.


There are several benefits to hardscaping your property.

Hardscaping helps you achieve more sustainable patios, driveways, walking paths, and more, resulting in a more stylish property overall.

Landscape Installations

You can trust our experts to have your property looking emaculate.

Landscape installations provide economic benefits and give outdoor living areas an improved quality of life.

Why AZ 1 Lawn?

We Care About the Small Details

At AZ One Lawn at a Time, we work diligently for the opportunity to establish a lasting bond with you, educate you on the options available to you for a great-looking yard, and offer you the knowledge to understand plants and artificial grass.

Creating a loving and enjoyable atmosphere for you and your family is optimal and very important to us. 

We are mindful of the special touches laid out in your yard plans and every detail of your desired outcome.

AZ 1 Lawn At A Time

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Creating a Loving and Enjoyable Atmosphere.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

AZ 1 Lawn I just wanted to thank you for such good work! That rain the other day showed how well-graded and level the work you did was! No puddles, good drainage everywhere.

Laurie B.

AZ 1 Lawn thank you from the bottom of my heart. My yard is pretty and I feel even better when I get a good look at your work.

Another Happy Customer

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