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1 Hood At A Time

1 Hood at a Time is our Family’s Business tithes and offerings so to speak.

For years we here at AZ 1 Lawn at a Time have had many people ask for ways to become involved with our outreach programs to assist Children, Elderly Folks, Single Parents Struggling, Prisoners, WeCareAbout, and the Community and Barrios without that much-needed touch of Love & Service.

It is with our most humble thanks that we present to you what GOD placed on the hearts of our Founders ‘Cristina & Andre Chavez Hester’

We seek to be utilized by GOD’s very hand to bring Love & Service to a Hood/Barrio that needs it most! We seek to be the very tools inside of GOD’s toolbox, which is reached for when the Time comes for the touch of Love & Service, that we’ve been groomed by His heart to fix at the turn of a tool we possess.

We pray that many of you, regardless of race, religion, background, or sexual preferences…will join us in supplying these Hoods and Barrios across America’s poverty-stricken areas with a touch of Love…just one hood at a time.

Our Mission

It is our central aim to give back to the Communities which display themselves as needing it more so than anywhere else. For years we have seen hoods and barrios across America cry out for help…for support…for changes.

Many people look the other way…while others blame political forces. We all know that it required a village to raise us, thus it is going to take the heart of us all to bring the Love & Service required for us to raise today’s most spiritually depleted locations around our Nation.

The blame game has left us all with finger aches…and so we want to be busy with getting into the Solutions. This the mission of 1Hood At A Time…in Love & Service

1 Hood At A Time

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